Water Storage Barrels

The barrel is your vessel for water storage and is your most important component. Each barrel can hold up to 55 gallons of water for various purposes including drinking, cooking, washing and other water uses. This new barrel is made of virgin resin, is BPA free and meets federal food grade standards. The barrel is a closed head and contains two openings for filling and removing water that are closed with bungs provided. This results in a stronger barrel than a model with an open head and reduces the possibility of contamination. The number of barrels needed will depend on the number of people you expect to make use of the barrel and the number of days without water you wish to be prepared.

Our barrels are just $55 each which includes shipping to your community.


  • Brand new and ready for water
  • Blue colored resin keeps light out and discourages algae growth
  • BPA free Weighs just 22 pounds empty
  • Virgin resin means our barrels are new and are never recycled from used barrels which may have been used to transport other items including chemicals
  • Made in the USA